Setting out the lawns



Double trolley:
Red carrot hoops - Lawn 1
Black carrot hoops - Lawn 2
All equipment on single trolley belongs to top lawn (Lawn 3)

Commencement of play

Each player to select a numbered golf ball.
1-4 play on lawn 1;     5-8 play on lawn 2;     9-12 play on lawn 3
1 & 3 play 2 & 4; 5 & 7 play 6 &8; 9 & 11 play 10 & 12
In the event of more than 12 players, use secondary balls on any of the lawns.
Time each game 35 minutes at the end of which the winning two players move on in a clockwise
direction, then change partners with the couple already on the lawn. When secondary balls are in
use the same applies, as the in the winners move on to change with the people already on the lawn
so that the same people are not using secondary balls all the time.
At the end of the session, everyone please help with collecting in the equipment and ensure all balls
are on the trolley.
If anyone arranges to play outside of normal club sessions, please check the diary board in the shed
to ensure the lawns are not previously booked.
Thank you for your co-operation. Enjoy your croquet.