Welcome to Woodhall Spa Croquet Club. 


To help you settle into our club we have outlined a few details explaining how our club runs.


We are governed by our constitution which can be found in the members area, details of our committee and their respective jobs, can be found on contacts page. Fixtures and tournaments held on our lawns, along with general information regarding our club. Can also be found in the Members area, so please use it to keep you up to date.


Subscriptions are due on the first day of our playing season which is usually the first Tuesday in April.  Members have one calendar month in which to renew their membership, failure to do so will result in their place being offered to someone on the waiting list. Our season runs from April to the end of September.


Our club is part of the Federation of East Midlands Croquet Clubs.  We play our league matches within this Federation.  Please refer to their website for further details.


When members participate in tournaments or league matches, we prefer they wear white clothing.  For general roll up club days this is not necessary.   However if you choose to wear say a white top this would be most acceptable.  Please wear flat soled shoes, trainers are fine.  However open toed sandals are not acceptable to wear on the lawns as they present a health and safety hazard.  For full details please refer to the Format of Club Sessions and Etiquette sections of the Members pages. Please try to arrive 15 minutes before start of play to help set up the lawns.   At the end of the session the lawns need to be cleared and the equipment returned to the shed.



Our general golf croquet playing days are Tuesday, Friday and Sunday 2-4pm, Association croquet is played Thursday 2-4pm.   These are two very different types of croquet, try both; you might prefer one to the other.  From May, we have an evening session 6-8pm. 


Mallets are provided for the first season however we would suggest you purchase your own thereafter.


We have a limited number of equipment shed keys which are available after the first season.   Under no circumstances should a key be borrowed and cut.  It is an insurance requirement that we must be able to account for every key.


Details of events during the season will be on the notice board in the pavilion and website.


If you are willing to give a little of your time to help with jobs please mention this to a member of committee who will be able to point you in the right direction.  We have fund raising events throughout the year and any help with these is gratefully received. The club has to maintain the lawns, provide necessary equipment, general running costs, the list goes on.   By fund raising and doing jobs ourselves keeps our outgoings to an acceptable level and subscriptions reasonably priced.


Our AGM is held in February each year, also we have an end of season presentation dinner when all the trophies for the season are officially presented.   Your presence at these events would be welcomed.


We pride ourselves in being a friendly club, everyone is welcome. If you are unsure of anything speak to a member of committee who will be pleased to assist.





Chair and Committee

Woodhall Spa Croquet Club