Club History


Croquet was first played in Jubilee Park in June 1990, with a group of 12 players keen to learn how to play the game. The group continued to play at the park until 1992. At which time an inaugural meeting was held with the aim of officially launching the "Woodhall Spa Croquet Club".


In 1999 the club moved to a new playing area at the Golf Hotel where the croquet club continued playing until 2001. During this time the croquet club had joined the East Midlands Federation of Croquet Clubs with a much wider membership including Lincolnshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland.


In 1997 Woodhall applied for a Sports Council lottery grant to purchase land which would allow the club to have a permanent home, which in turn would enable them to form a croquet centre. Unfortunately the application was rejected in 1998 so play was forced to continued at the Golf Hotel.


During the year 2001 croquet returned to Jubilee Park, with a view to securing a 15-year lease for three lawns, this was achieved in 2002 with three trustees being appointed specifically for this purpose and the Club continue to play there to this day.

At the end of 2015 the Club gained planning approval for the erection of a lawn side pavilion and after a great deal of fundraising purchased a "log cabin", the style of which is in keeping with the rural surrounding of the park. this has now been erected and along with the fencing and benches, reflects the Club's professional approach to a game played by its amateur players.

With it's own home secured it is hoped the Club will continue to grow and once more match the achievements of some of the past club members, which amounted to international representation in Germany, Austria, Egypt and one junior member playing in Eire. The Club also had a member holding the office of  Chair Person of the UK Croquet Association.

History of the game

An Outline of the Game