AGM Minutes







1.       APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE:  Bob Aspinall, Tom and Judy Taylor, Lyn and Tony Duggins, Andrew and Heather Grant, Val Sylvester

2.       MINUTES OF LAST MEETING:  Accepted and proposed accordingly by Barrie Darling and seconded by John Hammonds


4.       FINANCE:  Carol Jose produced a comprehensive set of accounts which had been distributed to all members present. She said that it had been a very good year despite the membership reducing. She hoped that members found them straightforward and to that extent she explained "fixed" and "current" assets. Now the current assets exceeded the fixed ones. There being no comments made the acceptance of the accounts was proposed by Roy Donner and seconded by Enid Kirk

5.       ADDRESS BY CHAIRMAN:-Copy of her address is attached to these minutes

6.       NOMINATIONS FOR THE COMMITTEE -At this stage Tom Johnson took the chair and asked for nominations for the Chairman post. John Hammonds proposed Pauline Donner and was seconded by Hazel Clift. There being no other nominations Pauline retained the Chairmanship. For the post of Secretary Pauline Donner proposed Tom Johnson and was seconded by Carol Jose. There being no other nominations Tom Johnson retained the post. For the position as Treasurer Cass Hewson nominated Carol Jose and was seconded by Brenda English and as there was no other nomination Carol retained her post. As Committee Members Cass Hewson was nominated by Pauline Donner and seconded by Barrie Darling and Marion Pile was proposed by Pauline Donner and seconded by Enid Kirk. All the foregoing positions were accepted by the members. At this juncture Pauline Donner mentioned that to her knowledge three clubs in Horncastle were close to folding as no committee members could be found. She was adamant that this would not happen to the croquet club but she stressed the need for committee members although accepting that there were a number of members who were prepared to help as and when required. She also thanked Chris Johnson and Tony Jose for their help in the club. Finally the post of Auditor was addressed and John Hammonds was proposed by Roy Donner and seconded by Barrie Darling.

7.       CLOSURE OF THE LAWNS -Pauline said that the lawns would close on the 30 September as last year to enable maintenance to take place. She said that the weed and feed needed to be done by the end of October. This was done OK in 2017 but last year because of the dry summer she was advised just too spot repair. She and Roy carried out the repairs. A full job could not be undertaken because of the hardness of the ground. She went on to say that the Park, despite the protests made by the club, raised the grass level on the top lawn to the level of the wood border (to be in keeping with the rest of the borders). As a consequence the ball would travel beyond the border towards the tennis courts. She asked that players beware of this as we did not want any repeats of what happened last year when a member of the public got struck by a wayward ball. A further alteration in the Park that would affect us is the area behind the clubhouse. This area would be eventually used by young children so again she asked that members take this into account. To prevent the ball going under the fence it was proposed to put up a third rail which would be carried out before the start of the season. In addition to all of this the hoops had been sand blasted and as a result should stay in a good condition for a number of years and the clubhouse had been "repainted" along with the fence.

8.       CLUB LUNCH/DINNER IN NOVEMBER This subject was chaired by Tom who mentioned that the lunch had generally been well received although one or two people had said to him that they would prefer an evening do. Lunchtime received the vote last year because of the distance people had to travel at night in November which could be very unpleasant. Many members discussed the matter and all could see the pros and cons of the timing. In addition Anne Potter mentioned that the food at the Abbey was not at its best and she was supported in this complaint. Tom said that he had thought about moving the venue to Horncastle or a least look at suitability; this would help in the travel arrangements and that all events need not be in WS. Various venues were mentioned and it was left for the committee to investigate. A vote was taken and most members wanted an evening do.  Later Angela Scott and Brenda English mentioned about their bowls club used an outside caterer and people took their own drinks, using St Peters or Coronation Hall. Brenda/Angela to get details.

9.       THE YEAR AHEAD AND CLOTHING -Pauline said that the agenda item for next  croquet year had been omitted from the agenda and that she dealt with this prior to the noted item of clothing. The secretary was most apologetic! She had produced a written statement which is attached to these minutes. She then went on to say that she was trying to get a meeting with the Park Committee to thrash out various matters and to that effect she was waiting to hear from the Chairman. She felt that the croquet club got a raw deal compared to the other users of the Park. Barrie mentioned that a metal chain may be preferable to another rail. She said this would be discussed at the next committee meeting. Finally Pauline covered the topic of taster sessions in an attempt to get more people into the club/sport. Clothing then took over the subject matter and Pauline mentioned all the investigations she had done regarding club clothing and to that end white tops with the club insignia and your name would cost 13.20 for ladies and 15.60 for men. In itself the logo would cost anyone supplying their own top 6. 00Jumpers/sweat tops could also be provided but they were unisex.

10.   AOB- Cass said that a car boot would be undertaken as soon as possible in the light of all the goods sitting around. Date to be ascertained

For the Forties Weekend items for the Tombola and books/jigsaws were required although not as yet. Tombola items needed to be new and not in poor condition.

Cass said that the Co-Op had stoped the Community Champions scheme as we knew it and the new scheme was explained by her. Perhaps next year we could apply if we had a suitable request.    

Cass said that the "easyfundraising" scheme had been profitable and that we were due to get 308 if all went to plan. We only had 16 supporters and they tended to be young so she asked for members to approach the younger members of their families with a view to getting their support. She also explained the scheme run by Tesco on line compared to the likes of Sainsbury.


There being no other matters Pauline called the meeting to a halt at 11.15am thanking everyone for their attendance and at this juncture Barrie called a vote of thanks to the committee for all their hard work over the year. He was soundly supported.