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1.       ABSENCES: Apologies were received from the following members; Hazel Clift, Mac McKendrick, Richard Gravestock, Ruth Addison, John Wright, Malcolm Capps, Marion Pile, Gill Haddock, Pam and Derek Edmonds and Enid Kirk

2.       MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Agreed. Proposed by Barrie Darling Seconded by Roger Reed


4.       TREASURERS FINANCIAL REPORT: John Hammonds went through the accounts in detail copies of which were distributed to the members at the meeting. Roy Donner asked why there was a large expenditure for competition. JH said this figure included the cups purchased by the Chairman. Chairman (BP) said that he had spent £113 this year on trophies whereupon Roy said that in line with other clubs cups were awarded but had to be returned for future years. Could save about £10 per event in the future. BP said that we held a number of team events and that it was fair to have individual trophies. Barrie Darling said that it was nice to have a memento to keep of winning events. Roy said that other clubs do not even have trinkets to keep when you won an event. Roger Reed said that he held club trophies and that he would return them to the club. BP advised Roger to retain one for future association competitions. JH said that the club made £1200 profit in 2015 although no hew equipment was purchased. Everyone agreed that this was a good set of figures and as there was no other queries Roy Donner proposed that they be accepted and Jim Forgham seconded the motion. It was carried by all present. BP expressed his thanks to JH and for all the sterling work done over the years – again this was agreed to by all the members.

5.       NOMINATIONS FOR COMMITTEE MEMBERS AND POSTS: At this point Tom Johnson (TJ) – secretary- took over the chair and asked for nominations for Chairman. Bob Potter was proposed by Roger Reed and seconded by Claire Crick. There being no other nominations BP was voted in as chairman. For Secretary Jean Forgham nominated Tom Johnson and was seconded by Cass Hewson (CH). There being no other nominations TJ was voted in. For Treasurer there were no nominations and JH was intending to stand down this year. In response to TJ enquiry JH said that the busiest time was now and towards the end of the season and that the auditor’s job took about 1.5/2 hours, again, at the end of the financial year. The position of Treasurer was therefore left “on the table”. Pauline Donner (PD) said that in view of present application for funds this post was extremely important and had to be filled otherwise it could affect our request to the HLF. The chairman said that the matter would be discussed at the next committee meeting but in the meantime JH would continue in post.  A letter of thanks was to be sent to the auditor. Committee members Cass Hewson and Pauline Donner were nominated by Chris Johnson and seconded by Anne Potter. Following a request for additional committee members Kathy Keer expressed her desire to sit on the committee. She was nominated by TJ and seconded by CH. The chairman expressed his thanks for all the hard work done not only by the committee members but those other members who gave their time on behalf of the club.

6.       ADDRESS BY THE CHAIRMAN: BP gave his address to the members and a copy of his speech is attached to these minutes.

7.       ISSUES RELATING TO THE LAWNS IN JUBILEE PARK: TJ explained to the members the process of registering the land with the Land Registry and that in September the registration was completed which meant that the club was now resident in Jubilee Park for another 30 years. He then went on to explain that once the registration had taken place he could then move on to the Planning Application for the cabin. He advised the members of the procedure and that the application was approved two weeks ago. He added that Cass and he attended a parish council meeting to explain what the club had in mind as the council were the owners of Jubilee Park. He also thanked Cass for her help in the preparation of the plans. TJ concluded by advising the members of the work and costs attributed to Alf with the cutting of the grass and added that the charges are far less than if we were to have employed a contractor. TJ thanked Barrie Darling for organising the coring through his contacts at the Golf Club and also thanked those who helped on the day. Jim Forgham raised the matter of the wood recently installed around the edges of the flower beds and in particular that it could “catapult”  the ball and therefore could cause damage. He also added that you were prevented from cutting the grass up to the edge. Roy Donner added his support to Jim in that the wooden edges were too high.  Would need to to talk to Ian in the park about this although it was thought that they would drop in time or as Roy suggested, raise the lawn to meet the top of the wood. Robert Aspinall asked various questions about the cabin. TJ was able to explain that because of funds available there would not be any electricity or running water in the cabin. This would be considered at a future date subject to funds being available. Jean Forgham asked who would have responsibility for the cabin. BP said that the members had to be responsible. Jean added that what about the locking up of the cabin and the availability of the key to it. BP said that this was a good point and it may be that the key be left in the shed. It was also advisable not to leave any equipment in the cabin but in the shed. Moving on to the lawn maintenance, PD said that there may be a need for a dedicated team. Jim Forgham asked whether the lawns would be weeded and fed before the start of the season. Barrie Darling said that he had a contact in Alford and would contact him for advice and he thought a team responsible for the lawns was sensible. PD said that money had to be spent on lawn maintenance. JH said preferable to get the cabin first and then spend the money on the lawns. Pauline then went on to explain that she had submitted the application to HLF for the funding of the cabin and fence. It was likely to take 8 to 10 weeks before getting a response. If this was to fail then she would look at other avenues of funding although the advice received indicated this was the most likely place for the club for such funding. At this stage CH mentioned the success she has had with the Co-Op as we are a Community Champion and have been since the 6 December and will be until the 5 March. We are sharing our spot with another local club and to date our share of the fund nearly reaches £600. The members expressed their delight at this and CH added that for those who had nominated the club as its ongoing champion, she had collected £17.25 and was in line to collect another similar amount in the next week or two. This was an ongoing situation. She asked that members and friends nominate the club accordingly as it does not affect  any divi-money. CH also mentioned that the ELDC have a pot of money for clubs and she would contact Craig Leyland.

8.       MATTERS CONCERNING THE FORTHCOMING SEASON: BP asked for a show of hands to see that members were still in favour of the cabin, which there was. BP said that the season started on the 5 April. BP said that club membership is likely to reduce again this year therefore there is a need to recruit new members. PD mentioned her taster days and the need for her to be advised of those attending and other related matters to new members. BP advised members of the forthcoming competitions and events and looked for support for these from members. Jean Forgham added that it would be nice to have a meal or similar after events. This would be considered by the committee.

9.       ASSOCIATION CROQUET ROGER REED: RR said that members tended to Pooh Pooh association but a new member had found it very beneficial and enjoyed the afternoon. He added that he had also another new member. He said that he needed more players and that there was a trophy at the end of the season for the best player. Barrie Darling mentioned the time factor at which point RR said then to miss out on a golf session. RR to organise a taster day in due course.

10.   AOB: 

a)      Maxine Fisher took the floor and passed round three club logos that she had designed. Once a vote was taken, one of the logos came out as the favourite. To be discussed at a forthcoming committee meeting. BP thanked Maxine for her very good images.

b)      PD said that the league results had been good in 2015 with the club only losing one match. Pinchbeck, the league winners would now go up to the top division which means the club is “top”.

c)      PD said that she had arranged for a taster day on 4 June and hoped to get new players. 5 June is the National Croquet Day. Another taster day arranged for 11 April. She stressed the need to get any prospective members to attend the taster day or have a lesson outside the normal club sessions. She said that the notice board will have all the information. It will also have all the competitions and she encouraged members to have a try at the events. On 23 May is a C level competition in Nottingham. 3 August is a competition in Branston. PD added that the club was now affiliated to the CA which was now a requirement in order to enter  the EMF league and events.

d)      CH said that she had arranged a match with Norwich and needed 8 players or 12 at a push. There would be an early start 8/8.30

e)      Sue Smiter asked what the fee would be for 2016  -BP said it would remain at £40.

f)       Barrie Darling said that the C competition was very enjoyable and happy to give a lift to members so that they could play.

g)      JH asked Barrie darling about the trolleys. He said that he hoped they would be ready for the start of the season.

 BP thanked all those that attended and wished everyone a good croquet season

There being no further business the meeting closed at 11.45.

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