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Apologises were received from Linda and Clive Marrs, Roger Reed, Mac MacEndrick, Ruth Addison, John Wright, Glynis Docker, Malcolm Capps, Pam and Derek Edmunds, Lyn and Tony Duggins


These were agreed without alteration and were accepted and signed by the Chairman. Proposed by Barrie Darling. Seconded by Anne Frith




Carol Jose produced the accounts for the 2016 season and they were distributed to all members in attendance. She ran through the accounts highlighting various matters but in particular to the expenditure on the cabin, foundations, erection and fencing. She also covered the grounds maintenance and the purchase of a lawn mower. Carol added that expenditure would decrease this year following a season of many purchases of high value. Roy Donner queried the grounds maintenance figure, not in the actual figure but the placement within the accounts of the various sums. Carol explained her rationale for the way she showed the figures in the accounts and although not agreed too by Roy he accepted the situation as the accounts had been audited as correct. Jim Forgham queried the split of the contractor’s costs for the cabin. At this moment the Chairman, Bob Potter, stepped in and explained that to some extent it was his oversite when first speaking to the contractor, in that he (the contractor) was not first made aware of a need for a wooden floor. Many cabins coming from Europe and do not have wooden floors and Bob did not first make the contractor aware of this. Bob said that he wanted the cabin to be raised “off the ground” so allowing members whilst in the cabin to see what was happening on the lawns. Acceptance of the accounts were agreed following the recognised procedure. Proposed by Anne Potter. Seconded by Enid Kirk

A copy of his address is attached to these minutes. At the end of the address Bob Chairman announced his resignation as Chairman of the Club which received a generous applause for his tenure. At this juncture Tom Johnson took over the chair and continued to take the minutes of the meeting


Tom Johnson (Secretary) spoke about the maintenance of the lawns and the cabin. Firstly that once Alf had stopped cutting the lawns then the club was forced into purchasing the mower to ensure costs were kept to a minimum. He expressed his thanks to those that had cut the lawns during the season and Roy Donner said that it was a two person job in view of the need to remove the cuttings to an area beyond the bowls club. This took a considerable amount of time and it was a job done by Pauline Donner which showed it could be carried out by a lady as the wheel barrow was light. Bob Potter said that a team should be set up this coming season to cut the grass. John Hammonds asked about the lawn mower given to the club by Dennis Mc Connon when he moved away from the village. Bob Potter said that he had it in his garage as it was not currently working and to get it serviced would cost £180. He was happy for it to stay in his garage until a decision is made about it. Jim Forgham enquired about the need for a strimmer. Tom said that this was being considered but in the meantime his could be used. Tom added that the cub would likely purchase a battery one which could be charged in the shed and indeed was light enough for a lady to use. Tom raised the matter of the bench in the shed and that Tom Taylor was going to repair it as well as donating one that he had made. Barrie Darling would help with the removals of same. Tom expressed his sincere thanks to all those who had helped on the lawns and those that had helped with catering and assisting at times when organisations visited the lawns to play croquet. He then went on to mention that work on the cabin was now nearly complete with a step being made, painting, window protections, fencing/gates and blocking gaps under the flooring. It was accepted that perhaps further slabs could be laid but this would be left to another year. Tom said that he had had offers of furniture and floor covering and for this he was grateful and the position was in hand. Cass Hewson said that she was hoping for carpet coming from either the park café or St Hughes. This was to be resolved in the next week or two. The position of the keys was explained and likewise the notice board where it was agreed that one be kept in the shed as well as the cabin for the time being. Barrie Darling mentioned that a purchase of a battery sweeper should be considered in order to keep the cabin as clean as possible, where it was hoped that volunteers would help with this aspect. Barrie Darling did express his gratitude on behalf of the members for all the hard work carried out by the committee and Carol supported this and added that her health prevented her from working with the building and painting


Tom Johnson announced the following events for 2017; season begins on the 4th April. Lincoln Castle Cup (doubles) 13th May and the singles on the 14th May. Jubilee Park Challenge Cup 10th June. Chairman’s Day 11th July. Club Golf Day 22nd August. Invitation Golf Day 9th September. He encouraged all members to take part in the events as it would improve their play and it would also be an enjoyable day. He also mentioned the Forces Weekend and the Car Boot Sale. Goods would be needed for these events and any help would be appreciated


Tom Johnson said that the procedure had slightly changed from previous years in the nominations would take place at the AGM which may facilitate matters better. The following appointments were all made unanimously; Chair Pauline Donner – Proposed by Cass Hewson. Seconded by John Hammonds. (At this point Pauline took over the chairing of the meeting). Treasurer Carol Jose – Proposed by John Hammonds. Seconded by Barrie Darling. Secretary Tom Johnson – Proposed by Jean Forgham. Seconded by Cass Hewson. Committee Members Cass Hewson – Proposed by Pauline Donner. Seconded by Carol Jose. Brenda English – Proposed by Jean Forgham. Seconded by Claire Crick. John Hammonds – Proposed by Roy Donner. Seconded by Barrie Darling. Pauline Donner thanked all those who were to become committee members and hoped for a successful season


Bob Potter suggested leaving the cuttings closer to the lawns but it was thought the park’s management would object. The cutting of the lawns and the need for two people etc. was covered again and the need for a rota. Robert Scott suggested we call the building a pavilion and not a cabin. Barrie Darling thought the money on the cabin was well spent and he was sure it would be well used. Barrie then raised the matter of easy funding raising site, together with Cass Hewson, who said that we had £37 so far to our name and that she was looking for more members to join the site. She added that it did not cost anything and was safe to use. Sue Smiter then raised the subject of being a charitable status to which Pauline replied that the committee had looked into this but was not thought to be easy to achieve. Brenda English mentioned gift aid but again Pauline highlighted the fact that the club was only affiliated to the CA and that gift aid was not appropriate. Carol said that she would be prepared to investigate this issue. Angela Scott asked what was the maximum number of members the club could safely have – it was thought that 50 would be the maximum although the club had never reached that number. However, the lawns would be very busy although there could easily be additional club days. Carol suggested that club name/logo be placed in the apex area above the door. After some discussion it was left for the members to come up with a suitable suggestion. Cass reminded members about the Co-Op Champion scheme and encourage members to sign up accordingly.

Pauline thanked all those members who had attended the AGM and that she looked forward to the coming season. With that the meeting closed at 11.45am
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